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Ngong Road Forest Association

Ngong Road Forest - Lower Dam

About The Ngong Road Forest

Situated in the outskirts of Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. This remarkable geographical location gives the forest a unique role in Nairobi and Kenya.

The Forest covers an area of 1,224 Ha and is managed by the Kenya Forest Service and the Ngong Road Forest Association, a Community Forest Association formed under the Forest Act of 2005.

It is divided by the Ngong Road into two main sections, the Miotoni Section to the North West and the Racecourse and Kibera section to the South East. These sections in turn are divided by the Southern Bypass, which is currently under construction.

A Plan To Conserve Nairobi's Ngong Road Forest (14MB pdf)

Green Space and the City

A plan to conserve Nairobi's Ngong Road Forest - Prepared by ACTIS a Founder Sponsor

This plan gives an introduction to the Ngong Road Forest, and outlines a 2 stage plan to utilise and conserve this resource.
Download Green Space and the City (14MB pdf)

If a city’s skyscrapers embody the pursuit of commerce, its green spaces speak of something more reflective.
A chance to pause and think afresh, to step away from the rough and tumble of city life and move forward, renewed.